Location Scouting Cheddar

This morning Nathan, Dan (Writers/Directors), and I were taken on a location scout lead by Harry (Unit Manager). He has been looking at locations for the entirety of the script, today was focused on the countryside shots where we can follow the sisters in the woods and get some massive grand landscapes where we can digitally insert desolate cities to provide an establishing sense of the world the characters inhabit.

I felt all the locations today were perfect! The look was exactly what we were after, we can truly get the sense that the characters are facing this world alone by the isolation of the countryside. The cliffs and mountains are just visually sensational and build upon the epic nature of the film. There isn’t much else to add on the positives of the locations we visited today, all are perfect for what we need to achieve.


On the other hand in selecting these locations we now need to be aware of several risks and details. The first being the height we will be working at, there is a ridiculous high risk of slipping or falling off the edge, resulting in death or severe injury. The only way to reduce this is to film away from the edge and make sure everyone knows the safe working distance. If it really becomes an issue we can physically mark boundaries on the location. Secondly we will need to be considerate of what equipment we take to the locations due to accessibility (hiking will need to happen), for example we have already identified taking the slider to the cliff face will not be an option. Finally the proposed route costs £6 per person which will become a huge cost, there is are free route to take but it is very much out of the way, perhaps we can seek some form of discount for the entire crew?


Harry has been brilliant in gather all the information about filming at the location. He has told me that we have full access to them as they are national parks, he has spoken to various custodians of the park but may speak to higher up forces to ensure every we are proposing is okay. In terms of getting to the location it is only a 45minute drive to Cheddar from Bristol, and all landscapes are within a few miles of the village. We have calculated we have enough cars to transport everyone, there is a bus from Weston-Super-Mare (X1 from Bristol, 126 to Cheddar), but this isn’t too viable an option.


Nathan, Dan and I all came to an agreement that these locations today are perfect for filming. Harry has given us the green light to film there but I have requested he go over the fine details again to ensure everything we are proposing has been approved and to get any written confirmation where applicable.

An additional note on locations, Jordan has been up to Glenside Campus to look for the hospital scene and it looks extremely hopeful. He was happy with what he saw and heard, judging from the pictures it seems to be spot on, and considering it’s UWE it means access is easy to obtain. Jordan did speak to the campus and apparently we are good to film whenever as its a student film, the preference is on weekends when nobody is using it, we just need to give enough notice.

At this rate the project is looking really progressive. Now we are starting to nail down locations I think we can start to set dates. I feel we could cover our shoot in Cheddar for the countryside shots over three days, the weekend for the child actors and the third day on the Monday to pickup any additional shots and film anything that doesn’t require the child actor. The next step is to find houses, and rework some of the city shots so we can find suitable locations.


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