Production Meeting 24/11

This rate of development of this project is really promising, Sam (Producer) and Kurt (Writer/Director) have been pumping out various versions of the script and I feel we are almost at the point where focus can be shifted fully onto filming. Currently the film schedule is going to be around 5 days between February 16th – February 21st 2015.

As we had agreed in the previous full production meeting, my role on the set is now ‘Gaffer’. I was really interested in the project but couldn’t dedicate time for creative decisions, none the less it still gives a great opportunity to continue with my lighting craft, gaining experience along with being able to continue my involvement with the film.

For the pitching I am not really to contribute masses due to my role, none the less I will mention my role and talk about the lighting solutions I will be carrying out concerning filming outside. The current suggestion is to source power from nearby houses. I can also move onto lighting equipment, in preference the dedo kit and kinoflo diva for lighting subjects, whilst I can use the ARRI 2Ks for lighting vast scenery. I will also contribute towards the visual part of the treatment, for this I’ll chat to Jack (DP) and Dipo (Colourist).

Finally we are planning on filming a test sequence on Monday 1st December. Kurt still needs to decide on the sequence, for now I am awaiting further information but I anticipate the shoot, a great opportunity to test the workflow of the RED in relation to this project.


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