Production Meeting 26/11

Another successful production meeting. The majority of the project is running to track; the trailer is set of completion tomorrow and everything is ready for release on December 1st for the Facebook, Kickstarter and Trailer as scheduled. The final version of the script is also set for completion on December 1st.


This piece of work has been delayed due to external representatives having other commitments. The storyboard is set to be completed this Friday (28th Nov), meaning it can hopefully be digitalised by Dan Widdowson (Concept Artist) and edited together for the sound department so the entire piece can be completed December 2nd and sent onto Pasha (Composer).

Material Release

Facebook, Kickstarter and the Trailer will all be released December 1st overseen by Nathan, Daniel and Joshua. Sam will gather materials for the weekend that can be used for publicity purposes (i.e. photographs, concept art, etc).


All the budget will be handled by Joshua (Producer) in a separate bank account. I will be putting the details for the transfer on the Facebook group for everyone to pay their agreed sums between November 26th and December 12th. The details of everyones sum of investment will remain anonymous unless they choose to tell people themselves.

Once all the money is collected Joshua can start reimbursing purchases from the account. It is vital that everyone keeps a copy of receipts so every purchase can be tracked.

Set Design need a budget released soon, this will be calculated by December 1st. The suggested £200 would work well for their ideas, once they have a guideline they can start working specifically to the budget.

In terms of budget a consideration of paying cast was discussed, the idea was providing financial incentive to ensure commitment to the project. However the amount to pay cast causes budget complications, and even if they were paid they could still back out for a higher offer, thus not removing the problem of commitment.

The outcome for casting is to create contracts (Joshua) to ensure legal obligation to complete the film. The idea of a contractual lumped sum paid in instalments is another possible option.


Everyone sounds confident for pitching next week. Everyone is happy to wear smart clothes (not smart casual) for pitching in order for a heightened professional appearance. The following deadlines are in place for the pitch:

  • Send slides to Nathan – Fri 28th Nov 10am
  • Send 200 word bio to Josh – Fri 28th Nov 10am
  • Send amended treatments to Josh – Mon 1st Dec 10am
  • Compile production pack, Josh/Dan – Mon 1st – Wed 3rd Dec
  • Presentation rehearsal  – Wed 3rd Dec 12.30pm

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