Production Meeting 27/11

Filming for this project will be schedule for two days between Feb 1st – Feb 10th, each day consisting of 8 – 10 hours shooting. There will be one day gap between filming hopefully to allow time to review the rushes and reshoot anything if required. Whilst everything is shot at the Bottleyard Studios, the final scene will be shot at another location at the end of the final day.

Craig (Writer/Director) suggested bringing in a camera operator (Ben Brooks or Jack Hayter), but Joe (DP) and I suggested a camera assistant role instead. Joe wants to control the camera as part of his role on set, and with me controlling the lighting the additional space in the camera department would be assisting on filming as we are using the RED One.

Craig and Mike (Producer) are still in discussion as to whether we can use the existing rig in the studio seeing as an external company are responsible for it. Hopefully we can do this which will make my role easier, however it we cannot I will assess alternate lighting solutions – i.e. bouncing ARRI 2Ks.

In the run up to pitching Dipo (Colorist), Joe, and I will discuss the visual style of the project and prepare some documents. The style is very naturalistic to create a ‘real world’, strangely enough very similar to the visual style of Trollied. A location recce to the studio should be scheduled for two weeks time prior to the Christmas break.


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