Production Meeting 27/11

The pre-production period appears to be going strong and I have every faith in this project to deliver great visuals that I can build upon in the grade. Tom is happy with my proposed grading period (Feb 16th – Feb 27th). The filming period is set between Jan 12th – Jan 16th so there is more than enough time to edit it together ready for me to grade, the worst case scenario I’ll grade what is available and anything else I can work off the rushes for at the same time.

The film has been, and will be directed, written, and performed very naturalistic, like you are looking into a real life situation. The contrasts the physical stylistic look of very composed shots, the idea that you could grab any still and create a separate piece of photographic artwork out of it.

The actual colour of the film will always be changing, varying from soft and warm sequences to other parts which are high contrast and cold. The script outlines colours palettes that occur throughout the narrative, my creative control comes from interpreting these palettes into what you see on screen.

Further viewing for the visual style of the film can be seen in Day Of Wrath. 


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