Varsity Promo Memorial Stadium

Minty (Producer), Mike (Camera), Craig (Camera), and I went down to the Memorial Stadium to shoot a short promotional video to kick off Varsity 2015. I originally came along to scout out the studio, hoping to assess what lighting will be needed and feed back measurements of the space to Lewys (Set Design). Unfortunately I was unable to view the space today, so whilst I was there I took the chance to have a scout around the venue and assist with filming. I acted as sound recordist for the few lines of dialogue, other than that I acted as camera assistant helping to balance and mount the steadicam along with being a general additional hand. Hopefully Minty can arrange another opportunity to scout out the studio space soon, it is the one part of lighting design for the entire project I am unsure about. I know how I physically want to light it but I have no idea of the space I will be working within as that will effect my equipment choices.



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