Sky One’s sitcom Trollied about ‘Valco’ supermarket has become a prominent source of inspiration for the visual style and execution of the project. The major reason for this inspiration is the use of the purpose-built replica supermarket in the Bottle Yard Studios in Bristol we have been able to acquire for filming. It only seems appropriate as we are using all of the facilities in our filming (lighting still to be confirmed) that we make reference to the popular comedy sitcom and embrace the style of lighting. As it was prior to acquiring this set the intention was always for a naturalistic feel to the script, my role as lighting is to maintain a well lit set removing any shadows and keeping consistent colour tones and temperatures.

There is nothing stylistic about the shots, it is literally a replication of a real life supermarket and the artificial overhead lighting that creates a soft tone over everything. Shadows are almost non existent, and all the colours are bright and vibrant – this may relate more to the grade.


It is likely some shots include additional light to help pull out areas of the frame. This is most likely to be in the form of a soft box, personally I would suggest a KinoFlo as this is one of the dominant manufacturers for film soft box lights. Both the above and below image have subtle heightened light on the back of the subjects heads. This back light helps to pull them out from the surrounding scene to add life and depth to them. It is a very subtle effect and could come down to the physical lighting rig constructed in the studio space.


Currently I am uncertain whether this lighting rig will be available. Having watched an episode I can see it becoming much more troublesome if we are unable to access this rig. My original solution of bouncing 2K ARRI lights may be much more ambitious then I thought. In the worst case scenario I am certain I can accommodate with the amount of light, but it may effect the cinematography dependent on budget limitations as it will force tighter shots.


Overall the lighting is very basic and leaves little room for anything stylistic. This varies from my usual choice of project, but I feel it is still a useful skill to build upon creating natural lighting for filming. Hopefully we will get access to the rig, then I can add soft boxes for depth, otherwise I need to seriously consider the practicability and cost of additional lighting solutions.



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