Assembling Production Pack

Ready for pitching this week I have been responsible for assembling the entire production pack that can be distributed alongside the presentation. The entire production pack is ambitious but includes everything I feel is relevant to the project and a fair representation of the efforts everyone has put in. It’s not just the case of saying what the film will be about and who will be involved, but I feel the document should provide in-depth information about the entire project so everyone clearly knows the exact plan we are going to execute (i.e. filming dates, equipment, etc). As a result I have identified the following structure and had the entire team providing relevant information of which they will be credited:

  • Synopsis
  • The Team
  • Story Research
  • Character Profiles
  • Treatment (All Departments)
  • Casting
  • Locations
  • Budget
  • Scheduling
  • Equipment
  • Green Light Technical Form
  • Release/Marketing

In addition to compiling this document I have had to produce my own individual documents to contribute in relation to my role as a producer and as a colourist. I have produced the following documents:

The World Of The Willows Colourist Treatment

The World Of The Willows Scheduling

The World Of The Willows Budget

The World Of The Willows Casting

Once I have finished compiling the production pack I will send it through to Dan who will finishing off the format with a graphic design house style to make the entire document stand out and be an extension of the house style already established with the WOTW brand.


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