Production Pack 2014

I managed to finish assembling the production pack for the project, it isn’t really needed until December 11th, however I felt it was a useful asset to have available during pitching on December 4th. I had to chase up a few people to complete their sections and add some additional content myself (i.e. marketing/publicity). Once completed and compiled I sent it through to Dan to watermark the work and implement his design idea in relation to the house style of the film. He then bounced it back so I could make any final tweaks and get it completed in time for the presentation.

The final document weighs in at 54 pages, a complete analysis of everyones involvement and creative direction for the project. I personally feel it reflects the entire nature of the production and almost becomes a bible everyone can refer to as we near the production period. I have definitely found it a useful asset to produce in clarifying my personal approach and getting an insight into everyone else’s creative vision and production processes.

WOTW Production Pack 2014


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