Release And Distribution

The film is schedule to be completed on May 4th 2015, with the first official screening to our peers taking place May 21st 2015. Prior to the peer screening we are aiming to arrange a private viewing for all cast and crew involved, currently sourcing an external venue such as The Watershed just off of Bristol city centre. We feel it is important that everyone gets to witness the final version together as a team due to the hard work and efforts of everyone, and the anticipation of building relationships between cast, crew, and any other participants over the entirety of the production period right from coming up with the idea in the summer of 2014.

Following the private and peer screenings it will make its first public appearance at the University of the West of England degree show commencing on June 5th 2015. Due to the degree show counting as a public screening it will unfortunately lose its eligibility to enter certain film festivals as some require exclusive viewing rights. Whilst the film is submitted and tours the festival circuit over the summer of 2015 we will not release it online, when it becomes available online will be dependent upon which festivals choose to pick it up. Personally we would anticipate the end of 2015 might be the time the film surfaces to the general public freely.

Throughout the production period we are planning to keep an active presence across social media (i.e. Facebook, Instagram, Twitter), aiming to utilise the hash-tag ‘WOTW’. The idea of a dedicated film website in the current digital landscape seems less sustainable that making the most of existing social mediums, spurring off of this can be personal publicity such as blogs, forums, word of mouth, etc. Social media works as the perfect platform to release behind the scenes content, this will be calculated with Sam Edwards.

Currently we are still locating a dedicated marketing manager for the product, but our idea is very well shaped and between us all we have the knowledge and tools to execute the marketing, publicity and distribution of the film, or provide input wherever required.


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