Kickstarter Construction

A few dates late from the intended release date (due to a lack of marketing manager), I have been able to create the Kickstarter page to raise the remaining £500 for our budget. The verdict to use Kickstarter for crowd funding was agreed upon a while ago as despite its higher percentage cut, the brand itself is much more trusted than other competitors and should be the better option for a slightly larger pledge request. Whilst creating the advert I have considered the key rules of Kickstarter:

  • Must create something to share with others
    • Project will be circulate film festivals and eventually be distributed online. All pledgers will have an opportunity to view the finish film prior to public release.
  • Must be honest and clearly presented
    • Will state the intended project clearly – film with a transmedia element. I will also stress that it is a student production in connection with UWE, not a fully independent film so some marketing restrictions come into play.
  • Can’t fundraise for charity, offer financial incentives or involve prohibited items
    • This project has no relation to any of these elements. The only discrepancy could be the rewards which will not feature anything financial.

I have personally gone through the entire creation process for the Kickstarter page, going over the story, rewards, account information, etc. Everything is clearly listed in the advert and I have run this by the directors. As a producer I am happy with all the rewards and have no doubt everything can be fulfilled. The only doubt is whether someone is unable to attend the filming dates or screening date, however I have listed than an alternate reward can be arranged to cover us for this problem.

The final date is January 9th, this gives us one week to properly assemble the budget and gets money in time for the bowling between cast and crew to build a bond between all participants. I have included the following information and will review this with Nathan and Dan before launching the Kickstarter sometime this week.

Further Reading:

Kickstarter Story

The World Of The Willows is a co-written short film by Daniel Morgan and Nathan White, embracing the drama and science fiction genres. Written during the summer of 2014 over the course of three months up in the woods of New York State, each and every character has been refined to produce the highest quality script to truly encapsulate the situation of the world.

A crew of twelve students from the University of the West of England (UWE) will be helping to produce this project, along with a variety of industry professionals. It is a audio-visual feast featuring in-depth sound design for the desolate world and stunning 3D modelling and composites to encapsulate the state of this world.

Everyone has put so much hard work to prep this project ready for production, all we need now is any contribution to reach our final goal and see this script turn into a top-quality 20 minute short film encapsulating the themes of family, survival, and responsibility.


In a world where unknown creatures take everyone at the age of 20, we follow Casey, a 19-year old girl, who is 3 days away from the fatal age. It’s six months since this began. She has to make sure that her two sisters; Amber, 15, and Elly, 8, are ready to survive without her. She must prepare Amber to take charge, whilst dealing with her oncoming demise, this made more difficult by the fact Amber suffers from hearing loss, and her hearing aids are failing. When Casey is in the city trying to obtain medicine for her sister Elly, she garners the attention of a feral youth, Kramer, when she is forced to kill his brother.

Kramer stalks Casey through the countryside, eventually leading to a confrontation in Casey’s family home, where she must thwart Kramer, whilst avoiding the creatures that have come to claim her. The film concludes with Casey, having killed Kramer, been taken by the creatures after putting her two sisters to bed. Though she has been taken, she has completed her goal of readying Amber and Elly for life without her.

Kickstarter Risks & Challenges

The risks of short film is production comes down to scheduling and commitment from the entire cast and crew. With such a strong crew, all experts in their field, and all holding the determination to drive this project we have no shadow of a doubt that the crew will break this commitment. In terms of cast we will hold a vigorous process to ensure we find the best embodiment of the character that also has the commitment and drive to the script to see the production period through.

All of the equipment is prepped and ready, all the locations are prepped and ready, all the crew are prepped and ready, and casting is reaching the final stages. With a efficient production team every issue is accounted for, with every possible circumstance having several back up plans.

Kickstarter Rewards

Screen Shot 2014-12-08 at 16.48.53 Screen Shot 2014-12-08 at 16.49.04 Screen Shot 2014-12-08 at 16.49.12


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