Lost In A Supermarket

Despite joining this project at a later date I feel like I found the perfect time to jump on board. Since I’ve come on board it seems like the production has vastly developed, mostly due to the confirmation of the location. This is the most exciting element of the production, filming in the SkyOne Trollied set at Bottleyard Studios in Bristol, taking place towards the beginning of February.

My development to lighting in this project hasn’t been needed massively as it is purely relying upon realism. I am fully confident with this style of light, complementing my work on some other projects, especially studio based productions. If we get confirmation of using the lighting rig already built into the studio it will make my job so much easier, and personally it would be an amazing opportunity to get to use this professional equipment.

I am still being considerate to not having access to the rig, being prepared to throw 2K lights for a similar effect. As a result Joe Cavaciuti and I (Director of Photography) are holding back on developing the shot list too much until we have confirmation on this rig as it will effect the presentation of the film. This is one of the elements that will be developed approaching the production period.

In terms of lighting I am pretty much ready to film, this rig can completely change that state of mind if unable to acquire. Never the less I am prepared for the worse. This is another project that can benefit to my build of an LED softbox which I will look into producing as the production period approaches.


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