Pre-Production Summary

From day one I think I have alway known the way I wanted to approach the grading for this documentary, and Liz Penny (Director) has enabled me to follow this concept sharing the same perspective on the visual style. It is based on a reflection of Billy’s psychology and I feel something so simple can have such a dramatic effect on the presentation of the subject matter.

This style of grading I feel confident about, and due to the unpredictable nature of the genre I really have no idea what footage I am going to be presented with to grade. I feel confident in myself, and I feel our team is strong and can capture the vital moments of this story to present on screen.

Approaching production I feel prepared for my input on the project. Billy has approved my style of grading and I think the subtly stylised image will enhance the story. As this is documentary I will make sure to keep in the loop with the production so I can develop my colour palette to reflect the changes in the narrative. My treatment for grading is perfect for the ideal narrative of the subject matter, but obviously as this is documentary it can all change in a single moment. I will be grading towards the end of April on DaVinci Resolve 11.


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