Pre-Production Summary

Throughout the pre-production period I have always felt this project lacked vision, clarity, and a clear concept as to why it is being made. The idea was something that instantly appealed to me but it wasn’t until the past few weeks that I have actually had a clear idea of what style I am designing towards. The entire pre-production period has been a great opportunity to develop my ability as a lighting designer in general, and I feel my working knowledge of the Bower Ashton TV Studio has really increased my skill set.

Later With Jools Holland has been a huge influence throughout my research, and I am certain this will reflect in the style and execution of my work. As my department almost works independently from the rest of the studio I feel confident I can execute my designs perfectly without worrying about the crazy studio floor environment. There will be plenty of opportunities between now and the broadcast in April for further development and hopefully a broad understanding from the entire crew as to the creative vision of the project.

Heading towards the production period I can now create precise designs in relation to each band and the set design, all the time taking consideration for the budget I have been assigned. This is a great opportunity for the ability to flourish, if I can walk away from this project with one great performance I will be happy to have that evidence to take into employment and job prospects with me. I am really looking forward to this project as it is the most stylistic for lighting and of all the productions I am currently working on, and I feel it is the most appropriate considering the career path I want to head down.


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