Pre-Production Summary

This has been the most demanding of all the productions I am working on, mostly due to my prominent role as Producer, not even taking into account my additional role as Colourist. I have always said it was a strong idea and we had an amazing team to see it come to life; I still stand by that statement seeing the quality of development and what we have produced up to this date. Creatively this project has flourished in the pre-production period, and now we are at a point where the story is locked down the logistics for the project are setting in stone.

I feel I have been a strong leader for the project, with many of the crew have congratulated me on this ability, along with queries as to how I managed to actually control such a big project and not show any visible signs of breaking down under the stress of it all! Having a production team so willing and dedicated to the project has made my role as the producer easier. Having produced before I felt confident coming on board and have never had any doubt for the direction of the film.

Research has been scattered all over the place as I try to reign in as many elements that all attribute to the production. I am enjoying the fact I can focus purely on the logistical element and build a strong working relationship with everyone, especially Daniel Morgan (Director/Writer), Nathan White (Director/Writer), and Rashida Noray (1st AD, Transmedia Producer).

My role as colourist has always come second, with some elements of intensive focus. I feel as a producer it has made it difficult for me to develop this role, but the fact I am working as a colourist on other productions I still remain confident when it comes to executing the design. Dan and Nathan have been heavy influences on the visual style, and with such a demand as a producer I have no problem conforming to their directorial vision. I have had opportunities to experiment with the grade and I feel we can all come to an agreement in the grade for a style I can project onto the frame.

Approaching the production period the emphasis is now on securing locations and actors. The entire crew is ready to go, the script is as strong as it can be, and the full budget is in the final stages. All four of us will be working together to secure these two vital elements ready for production at the end of January. It may seem like we are cutting it close, and sometimes I do worry slightly, but with such a strong team I know it will all work in the end and translate to something stunning. Judging from the reaction from the industry panel during pitching I have no doubt expectations are high and we will deliver what we have promised.


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