Pre-Production Summary

This project has definitely developed strongly, with all the team having a good understanding of the genre, style, and execution for it. I’m really happy this idea has developed and is going to be produced, it’s a fun project and I can only see it spreading smiles. It’s a nice change of pace to produce something that is a little more tongue in cheek. I feel like my research into the genre has only benefitted my role as I am more aware of the codes and conventions of the genre, this blending of the action movie with the B movie.

My research has taking me to viewing some of my favourite films and it’s great to pay tribute to this genre. In terms of lighting I feel I have a strong working relationship with Jack Hayter as Director of Photography, from our discussions throughout I am confident we can deliver a strong visual style. I will be approaching the lighting to this project with realism in mind, the majority of exterior sequences will be heavily reliant on natural light and utilising this through devices such as reflectors. The interior sequences provide the opportunity for a heightened sense of realism with the lighting, and something a little more stylised.

As the production period approaches I feel fully prepared for this project. I have a working knowledge of the script, Jack and I have progressed well with the visuals, all we need now is an actor and locations to consider. I will look into my idea of building an LED panel which could hopefully become an additional tool in my artillery. With filming set to take place in the middle of February I’m really excited for this project and anticipate a really fun working environment.


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