Contacting Cheddar Gorge

So I think it will be easier if you contact her with the details as if they require more info at any point then you guys will be far better equipped to answer than me. We will need public liability insurance to the value of 2 million and will probably have to pay for a member of staff to be there with us (I’m thinking they may let us of this if we explain that it really is a low budget student film etc.) They need to know how many people will be there, cast and crew and how long we will be there. Days and ours in the day i guess. If you could send over a brief outline of the story or the kickstarter link or something so they can get an idea of whats going to be filmed and any relevant info you can think of.

Harry (Unit Manager) has been heading the location scouting process with great success. We have remained in constant conversation with one another, and now as the shooting date looms ever so closer we are both working even closer to secure all the vital locations. The above message was the latest with securing Cheddar gorge. I phoned Hugh Cornwell (Director Cheddar Caves) to discuss the relevant points of concern – i.e. public liability insurance – and gathered all the information they required for filming. I have now emailed all the relevant information as requested and will await the final response.

Hi Hugh,

Thanks for taking the time for a short chat earlier today about filming in Cheddar. As I mentioned we are looking at filming for one day where you can view the Somerset levels as a backdrop for the scenes filmed. We are a collection of 3rd year students at the University of the West of England creating our final piece for our Filmmaking & Creative Media degree.
I am requesting filming on Saturday 24th January from 8am until 1pm, if this date is awkward we could happily filming on Sunday 25th as an alternate. There will be approximately 14 crew members (aged around 20), and 3 actresses (aged 9 – 20). As students of UWE we are covered by the universities public liability insurance, and will be carrying out our own independent risk assessments prior to filming. I have attached a copy of this policy to the email.
Our proposed filming activity is the three actresses walking towards the top of the hill in the wider grassier area, well away from the cliff edge. The sequence captures the three discussing their situation during the film as they are travelling between two locations. We are also interested in pitching a small tent where the three actresses can sit inside continuing conversation in the film, but this can be amended if a tent is not an option. It is the walking and talking scenes with the Somerset levels visible in the background that are the key element.
In terms of crew and equipment we are keeping things relatively lightweight. The camera will be held on a Steadicam device (effectively handheld connected to a body vest) and a few static shots on a tripod. The sound equipment will be placed on a trolley for the mixing desk whilst two recordists operate boom poles. Ideally we would like to pitch a small gazebo for shelter from the elements near the filming location incase of bad weather, but once again this can be forgotten if it impacts the verdict on filming.
The film itself is a Science Fiction following the journey of 3 sisters through a post-apocalyptic Earth where everyone over the age of 20 is taken by other worldly creatures. The eldest sister wants to get her two younger siblings to safety before she reaches the age of being taken.
I hope this explains everything you need and I apologise for the short notice on filming. As you can see the shots are all relatively simple and we can happily scale down to simply the walking and talking in order to secure the amazing landscapes of the levels. Let me know if you have any queries and I will not hesitate to answer.
Looking forward to hearing from you,
Best Wishes,
Joshua Wakley
Producer – The World Of The Willows
3rd Year Filmmaking & Creative Media (UWE)
On an additional note Harry has confirmed access to Stock Hill in the West England Forest District. We can freely film there, but just need to be considerate of other people and working activities. Effectively an open ended pass to film.

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