House Filming Locations

With the filming dates looming ever so closer I have now taken a further look at scouting locations (having previously outlined our needs for filming in the meeting a few days ago). The family house is a difficult thing to locate as it is very specific in its styling and location. My instant thought was to look on property search website: ‘Right Move’. Admittedly these properties are listed by agencies and not the tenant, but it at least acts as a method to find what we need. I have also used Bristol Film Office now we have a form of budget that could possibly be in their range.

Bristol Film Office

The location database is not recommended for student or very-low budget films, nevertheless there is no harm in enquiring as a possible back up option. I am uncertain of the general asking price, but I feel our larger than anticipated budget could be used if we desperately needed the location. Following my database search I have requested details for three properties and will now await further information.

When applying for the house locations I included the following information:

We are a group of final year filmmaking students from UWE currently producing our final piece of work. I am the producer for the project and am enquiring about the availability of the location for Saturday 31st Jan and Sunday 1st Feb. We are working with a reasonable size budget for a student production and am happy to pay an agreed sum in order to secure the location. We anticipate a crew of around 14 members and up to 7 actors at any one time. We all pride ourselves in our professionalism as it is a project we are all really passionate about. I hope you can consider our application and I am more than happy to discuss any further details.

Film Details
We are producing a short Science Fiction film following the journey of 3 sisters through a post apocalyptic Earth. In this world everyone over the age of 20 is taken by other worldly creatures, and as the eldest sister (Casey, 19) is nearing the age of abduction she needs to prepare her younger siblings for a life without her. During the course of her journey she gets unwanted interest from a gang of thugs following an accidental murder, so she must defend her sisters from this gang whilst waiting for the impending doom of the creatures.

Location Details
This location acts as the family home for the sisters. They travel here for a safer haven as the film reaches its climax. A day of safety in the house is followed by a final confrontation between the sisters and the gang, with the introduction of the creatures. Despite a victory in this battle between families the impending threat of the creatures still claims its victim as she turns 20.

Right Move

The aim of this search was to find detached properties within 5-10 miles of Bristol (accommodating for travel). I also requested properties with a garden and ‘character’, from the variety of results I narrowed it down to 3 potential properties. One of the main eliminating factors in this search was whether the property was furnished. I contacted all three letting agents today.

Upper Bristol Road, Clutton
Screen Shot 2015-01-08 at 16.46.45


This letting agent seemed the least likely to let us use the property. They took details for myself and the fact it was a student film, but did not seem interested in the concept. As the property is currently occupied it is highly unlikely for its use, but they will check and get back to me nevertheless.

Screen Shot 2015-01-08 at 16.54.31


This property seemed a more hopeful option, with the agent happy to help with the unusual request. They have taken my details and will speak to the vendor of the property. This time I was able to provide precise dates for filming, some information about the film and the fact we have some budget to play with if it was to help secure the property for filming. Once again I will await on a call back from the agents.

Nibbley Lane, Yate
Screen Shot 2015-01-08 at 16.58.02


This is my favourite property of all three as I feel it would work best for the film internally and externally. Once again the agent needs to speak to the vendor about the project and get back to me, however this time I can expect a call from them sometime tomorrow (hopefully). This was probably more for the interest of the agent I spoke to but I chatting about the film at length and how we want to use the location. They definitely have the most amount of information about the project, including dates, narrative, budget, crew, etc, hopefully it will play in our favour when requesting the property.

The chosen properties can be viewed on the following links, hopefully one will be successful and I will hear from them this side of the weekend.


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