Lighting Rig Assessment

Minty and I went down to the UWE Frenchay campus to meet with Sam (Technician) to assess the lighting rig. This is the venue for both Elections broadcasts – live results and debate. Sam is happy for us to make some adjustments to the current rig, but we can’t go over the top as staff need to be hired to supervise and make changes to the rig.

The rig consists of 512 channels through DMX, currently there are spare slots for additional DMX powered lights or round headed plugs. My instant feeling on this is to bring some soft boxes from the TV Studio in Bower to act as a fill light across the entire staging area.

Frenchay Lighting Rig

The next stage is to come up with precise ideas for how I want to use the lighting rig, this can then be assessed by the Red Bar Technicians as to whether it is a viable option:

  • Lighting Software – Artist3 (ShowCAD)
  • Can mirror screen to iPad
  • Consider heat with floor lighting
  • Need staff for programming lights
  • Moving lights – entrances, decisions, winner

I think the initial lighting plan may have to be adapted slightly, but the general idea is definitely achievable. A possible alternate to floor mounted PAR cans shining on the white backdrop is drilling holes across the backboard, lining it with red gels and then shining light through from behind the scenes. The more I think about it the more practical I think this alternate would be, and the more the idea grows on me. However I will discuss this option with Lewys so see if it conforms with his set build. I will also get in contact with my lighting assistants soon to start implementing the design.

It is worth noting we will have access for building sets from Wednesday 3am until the broadcast each week – Thursday night (1st week), Friday night (2nd week).



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