Location And Casting Update

I’ve managed to get in contact with Tony concerning filming at Glenside. He sees no problem in what we are proposing and is happy to accommodate us. However officially I have to go through Jacqui Blake, I phoned her today and she sees no problem in our proposal. I have emailed her the full details of our shoot this weekend and she will get back to me first thing tomorrow morning. By the sounds of everything we are all good to go this weekend and I very much look forward to getting on the first official day of filming.

Casting Update
Nathan, Dan and Helen were all extremely happy with how the first day of casting went, already having made a final selection for Kramer. I joined the auditions for those applying for Elly, this way I could go over the child acting laws and schedules with the parents whilst the others did the physical auditioning process.

A quick reminder of the child acting laws for over 9s:

  • Maximum location time – 9.5hours
  • Earliest 7am, latest 7pm
  • 4 hours on set: 2 breaks (1x 1hour, 1x 15mins)
  • 8 hours on set: 3 breaks (2x 1hour, 1x 15mins)
  • 16 hours interval between working hours
  • Chaperone

Olivia did a great job in her audition judging by Nathan and Dans reaction. Her mother was really enthusiastic and interesting in UWE student films as they have had no previous dealings, only the strong recommendation from itv workshop when we contacted. Olivia is good to make all the dates listed on the schedule, her mother wants to come down with her on set so it helps in locating transport. The only issue could be Wednesday 21st for the TV studio, if we really are stuck she could make it from 6.30pm, but preferably not as school the next day.

I have managed to get the last few actor details from itv workshop today concerning casting Philip for this weekend. I am now compiling a risk assessment for Harry to send onto Ashton Court and Bristol Film Office, and then I will be chasing down holiday homes to find a filming location for Friday 30th Jan – Monday 2nd Feb.


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