Celtic Media Centre

One of my close friends has suggested the upcoming film scene in the south in Louisiana. She currently lives just outside of New Orleans in Baton Rouge, so in theory there is potential for support in this pursuit if I chose to move to America. Having done research into the area it seems to be a collection of smaller companies, the type where a few friends have come together to make videos for particular clients. The only company that perked my interest was ‘Celtic Media Centre’.

Celtic Media Centre is the largest film and television production studio in Louisiana. Starting off in 2008 it is a relatively new production space but ever since its open business has flourished. Initial productions included ‘Drones’ and ‘The Abduction Of Jesse Bookman’. The space continued to grow and by 2009 ‘True Blood’ started to using the stage spaces.

The studio has continued to expand as more companies have been taking advantage of their facilities. Notable productions include ‘Battle: Los Angeles’, ‘Battleship’ and ‘Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn’.

Screen Shot 2015-05-07 at 14.57.43

The company advertises production spaces and post-production facilities. In addition Celtic Media Centre advertises production support ranging from grip and set services to on site vendors. One company that spurs my interest is ‘MBS Equipment Company’ who providing grip and lighting gear.

The structure of the company appears similar to that of Bottleyard Studios, I am currently getting a gage for the way they operate from my contributions on ‘Lost In A Supermarket’. In terms of employment Celtic appear to be fully staffed currently, they suggest dropping a covering email and resume to info@celticmediacentre.com. Whether this will reach someone or just an automated inbox is debatable.

Screen Shot 2015-05-07 at 14.57.09

At this stage when approaching the American market I am open to any form of work. Admittedly I want to pursue lighting, but in order to get a job in America I don’t mind having to take a different route into media production. Securing my place in another country is the main factor, the precise inner workings of the job come secondary. Then again I should make sure it will be the right job for me, something I can enjoy and something that can hopefully help me pursue my interests.

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