Bottleyard Recce

I was able to take my first visit up to our filming location. I have been kept in the loop by Craig (Director) and Mike (Director) concerning the use of the lighting rig, and it seems like getting the actual studio lighting is going to be a dead end. Nevertheless I am determined to get in contact with the company myself and see what I can do about the circumstance.


Katherine Nash from Bottleyard Studios was extremely useful in helping me locate a lighting solution. Unfortunately there are no domestic power ports around the location so either way we need to look at hiring a company to give us power or an entire lighting rig. Katherine recommended both of the companies on site who could step down from the 125amp 3 phase power supply in the prop store next door to the studio. I did enquire about a generator but they wouldn’t allow it inside the studio.


Mike and I went straight across to 180 Degree rentals to discuss sourcing power into the studio. The company seemed extremely happy to help, but would need to check a few details before any confirmation. There is also potential to rent some additional lighting that would best suit our needs. For now they have my contact details and I anticipate a response.

The contacts I now have to try and source power are Filmscape Lighting (Russ Greening) and 180 Degree Rental (Bill Beaumont). I feel slightly happier about recreating lighting in the supermarket having seen the white canvas roof 10 foot in the air. I can easily bounce 2K arri lights from this to spread light across a larger path.


Joe (DP) and I have talked about the change in visual style in order to accommodate for the lighting restrictions. Unfortunately I can’t see any other solution, either negotiating the price on turning on the studio lights or negotiating price on stepping down the power. I have notified Craig and Mike that either way we are looking at a cost. In the meantime I have compiled the following lighting equipment booking ready for shooting Saturday 7th & Sunday 8th February:

  • 3x Arri 2k
  • 3x Arri Box (1x 650w, 2x 350w)
  • 1x Arri Box (3x 650w)
  • 2x Dedolight Kit
  • 3x Kinoflo Diva
  • 6x LED Panel
  • 4x Lighting Gel Kit
  • 3x Reflector
  • 2x 100m Extension Cord

I’ve gathered the maximum amount of lighting equipment possible for the weekend and just need to try and pump the maximum amount into the scene as possible. If I don’t hear back from the company soon I will chase up.


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