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Jumping to the other end of the spectrum in terms of company size I have started to browse some of the bigger industries in the US. These sort of companies are harder to get into as there is no direct contact, however I like to think their formal structure can only be beneficial in terms of the visa process. I’ve started by looking at some companies in New York as I’d much prefer the city over California, having visited it I absolutely fell in love with it and could really see myself living there.


When visiting in 2013 I took a tour around NBC studios in the Rockafeller Centre. This is just one of many studios located in New York City, NBC currently hosts popular TV shows such as ‘The Tonight Show’ and ‘Saturday Night Live’. When I took a tour around the studio I manage to get a look inside some of these sets, with the scale of Saturday Night Live standing out in particular over the typical news studios.

It’s difficult to track down any particular contacts at the studio, with most job opportunities going through the main ‘NBC Universal’ website. This hosts a giant database of career opportunities across multiple countries, it does open the door for roles in the UK branch in London. This kind of defeats my reasoning for investigating NBC as I am interested in working in New York.

The search option on the NBC Universal website makes it easy to find particular roles they are currently advertising. Being able to look at specific locations then break down based upon my ability. ‘Intern’ and ‘Entry Level’ are both types of roles I can search into, I like to think dependent on the role I could qualify for ‘Experienced’ but I am likely to come across some even stronger candidates.

Screen Shot 2015-05-08 at 12.27.22

The style of jobs all appear to be in marketing, sales or admin. This instantly makes me think of the structure of BBC Bristol, typically entry roles will see you come in on an admin level and once inside you can have the opportunity to progress where appropriate. Hopefully this is the case with NBC Studios, but I cannot confirm this. I wouldn’t want to risk going all the way over to the US without a guarantee I can progress into media production. I know I have been looking into this as any job in media to secure my place in America, but the more I look the more I realise this is the wrong approach. I need to look for my career over location, and hopefully one day an opportunity to go over the states will present itself.

Screen Shot 2015-05-08 at 12.29.21

I still need to continue looking into American jobs out of personal interest. The more I look the more I realise how huge a job market it is, but how difficult it will be to secure one of these jobs being an international applicant. I don’t want to settle purely on the prospect of getting a visa into the US, it needs to be the right professional career choice.

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