Scheduling Changes

Following the weekend shoot there were some issues that needed addressing, and as a result it lead into going over the schedule to restrict crew and set definite call times. Dan, Nathan, Rashida, Mike and I were around for this meeting, however I found myself chasing up the location concerning Wednesdays shoot in the TV studio whilst they reviewed the weekends shoot. As the ultimate thought was having too many people around making it difficult for quicker shot turnover we have opted to downsize the crew where available.

Wednesday 21st Shoot

Originally I tried to get an extension on our time leaving campus, unfortunately this was no possible so our schedule will be tight. However we are able to get in at 8.30am the following day to pack up equipment prior to the next booking, this means we can leave equipment rigged overnight. An issue with our booking arose due to the first year students having built sets in the studio Wednesday morning and leaving them up for Thursday. Having spoken to Rod (Lighting) and James (Set Design) they were initially frustrated that the error with the booking happened but happy to accommodate for us. Thankfully I get on with both of them which probably helped the situation along with third year priority.

In terms of Wednesday we will arrive on set from 12.30pm. We will wrap at 9pm. We will pack up between 8.30 – 9.30am on Thursday 22nd.


Dan, Nathan, Rashida and I sat down and calculated what we are filming every day. Rashida was noting the scenes for call sheets whilst I noted where we had to be each day and who will be needed. After 5 hours we finally managed to come up with a condensed schedule. We are using less crew where available, I will need to run a few of these cuts by each department to make sure they are still able to operate successfully. I for one am going to be on set less as I’m not really needed, I just need to ensure everyones movements are correct.

I have uploaded the new schedule onto facebook for the UWE students only to check if it all sounds good. Once fully confirmed I will secure it on the official group. Currently I need to see about filming either Friday 30th daytime or Monday 2nd daytime if I can get Beatrice (Casey) out of school for the time required. I will also need to run the additional date of Thursday 29th evening by Beatrice.

Screen Shot 2015-01-19 at 23.54.47


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