Final Amended Schedule

I have now been able to confirm the dates with the actors for the new schedule. Beatrice (Casey) is unable to make Saturday 31st from 2pm (this was already accommodated for), but can come Thursday 29th and would rather Friday 30th than Monday 2nd. Every department may not be happy about the cuts but can deal with it and I have adjusted the schedule to accommodate. Sound in particular may not have the usual equipment available during the day on Friday 30th, but I have spoken through the other options and they are able to record still but unfortunately it will be more of a pain for note-taking. Ultimately we need to accommodate for the cast as they are restricted by their education.

I have posted the final schedule on the group. I have included all the dates for the actors too. Also I have deleted Monday 2nd as a possibility. Finally I have included two additional slots for moving the unit from to and from the house. The schedule does not accommodate for runners, this will be debating nearer the time dependent on the context of each shoot.

Screen Shot 2015-01-21 at 01.32.21

Personally I will be on location for the following dates:

  • 21st – Oversee studio booking, acting chaperone, ensure leave on time.
  • 29th – Oversee unit move, meet owners of house and address any concerns or queries.
  • 31st Day – Help out with difficult filming, acting chaperone.
  • 31st Night – Either Rashida or I will oversee filming and act as chaperone.
  • 2nd – Everyone present for wrap day.
  • 3rd – Oversee unit move, thank owners of house and address any concerns or queries.

Even looking at the schedule now I will add myself to Sunday 1st February as this will be the last day filming with Lizi (Amber) and Olivia (Elly). In a few of these shoots I may only need to be present for a couple of hours to address some relevant issues. Most organising on set is done by 1st AD Rashida.


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