House Location Update

Unfortunately there has been no success with any of the properties I have previously enquired about. I have now taken up looking at holiday homes as I feel this is the best option for securing control of an entire property. Tom Barton used the same process in Implication for his property, he highly recommended this method.

Yesterday I contacted a wide variety of potential cottages with the following email:

Hi, I have a slightly unusual request. I am the Producer from a short film being created as part of our final year at the University of the West of England and was interested in using your house as a filming location for requested dates Friday 30th January – Tuesday 3rd February. As well as filming in the house we would be having two of our cast members staying in it as they have travelled up from London for the shoot. I would love to discuss the idea further with you and hope you are open minded to the unusual request.
As we are a student film our budget isn’t huge, but we are happy to pay the agreed nightly rate to secure it. We anticipate a crew of around 14 members and up to 7 actors at any one time. We all pride ourselves in our professionalism as it is a project we are all really passionate about. I can happily go through any liability insurance, health and safety or any concerns you may have.
Here’s the link to the trailer and some further information on the plot and how your house comes into importance.
Here’s an outline of the story and why your house is vital to the plot. We are producing a short Science Fiction film following the journey of 3 sisters through a post-apocalyptic Earth. In this world everyone over the age of 20 is taken by other worldly creatures, and as the eldest sister (Casey, 19) is nearing the age of abduction she needs to prepare her younger siblings for a life without her. During the course of her journey she gets unwanted interest from a gang of thugs following an accidental murder, so she must defend her sisters from this gang whilst waiting for the impending doom of the creatures.
This location acts as the family home for the sisters. They travel here for a safer haven as the film reaches its climax. A day of safety in the house is followed by a final confrontation between the sisters and the gang, with the introduction of the creatures. Despite a victory in this battle between families the impending threat of the creatures still claims its victim as she turns 20.
Best Wishes,
Joshua Wakley
Of the locations contacted, the following three have responded:
  • Charity Cottage, near Bath
  • Church Cottage, near Bath
  • Friary Coach House

Charity Cottage have quoted around £700, however this seems like an automated response so I query the authenticity. Despite this the quote is too much for our budget. Church Cottage have turned down the request as they feel their cottage is too small. Friary Coach House couldn’t offer their property, but were happy to help direct me through to Bath Film Office. This is a dead end like Bristol Film Office, our budget doesn’t suffice.

Cottage Garden

1 Tynings Cottage was the only successful contact I have managed to connect with so far for filming. The owners seemed open to the idea but uncertain whether there will be enough room. I have spoken to the owners Spencer and Viv about the project and have now arranged a date for us to scout the location. The asking price is £500 which is the top end of our budget, but I am hoping they will be up negotiating. On Friday I will be going down with Nathan, Dan, Harry, Jordan, Liz and Helen.


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