Production Meeting 21/1

Following the Christmas break this meeting was a great way to catch up with the state of the project. Currently we are readying ourselves for a rehearsal with some of the acts this week (23rd Jan) in the TV Studio. The indiegogo is live and now I will be donating my part of the budget to help raise the popularity of the project on the site and hopefully encourage further donations.

The format of the show has changed slightly. We are now looking at having a small audience, therefore Dan (Studio Director) and Beth (Producer) have changed the floor plan. The physical build of the set remains similar but we will now be placing the bands in the corner with the acoustic acts beside them. I will review the lighting in relation in our next studio session. Below is a rough plan of the new studio floor I created for my reference.

Screen Shot 2015-01-22 at 17.20.26

The red indicate where the band are stationed. Effectively the same set but pushed into the corner, I can easily use the same rig as before. The acoustic is the blue, once again I can move the existing rig plan. The audience in grey are located behind the cameras, I will need to discuss their involvement further but I may need to include some soft box washes that can come up between performances to indicate their presence.

Moving forwards I will be involved with a location recce at The Exchange on Monday 26th January for the DJ set. Hopefully they will have a good lighting rig that I can work off as judging by the current funds raised the idea of renting moving lights doesn’t seem viable. I have reminded Beth to send me a song list for each of the acts so I can start purchasing gels. In terms of lighting I can see this as the main purchase, I may also seek some creative solutions. Considering the budget so far I am pretty much disregarding the idea of hiring moving lights and now going to research into creative solutions.


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