Studio Tent Shoot Review

Once again I felt it would be useful for me to attend this shoot as it will be the first time Olivia and Elizabeth are on set, two of the main cast ensemble. Meeting with the actresses and guardians was a useful process as I was able to address any queries, going through schedules and discussing relevant information (e.g. costume, release forms, etc). I generally found myself away from the studio during this shoot, taking the time to break down the budget with Harry (Unit Manager) whilst Rashida (1st AD) oversaw studio operations.


Following last shoot I needed to get to grips on the budget, finding the best ways to make it stretch as far as possible. This meant focusing on minor costs that would accumulate such as catering, having discussed this with Harry I am now able to draw more accurate conclusions about the projected expenditures. One of the vital elements to take away from this discussion is the funds regarding securing the final locations, I will be responsible for sourcing the house whilst Harry continues conversations regarding film permits.

I only heard positive feedback from the cast and crew regarding the shoot. Everything was shot and there was some additional time to including more content, meaning we wrapped slightly earlier than anticipated. All three actresses had really good chemistry when together, this was an important part as it was the first time all were meeting.

Looking ahead in the production schedule I am not likely to make an appearance on set. With Rashida and Harry available there isn’t much need for me to be on set, I’m an extra hand but at the same time it’s just unnecessary. I will keep in close contact with everyone in order to continue managing the production effectively, and where needed I can make appearances.


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