Alex Rehearsal

Following the rehearsal with Imprints I now have a better gage on how to organise the studio lighting. With two large performance spaces plus potential audience I need to split lighting appropriate and efficiently, making verdicts on what need small fresnels, large fresnels and softboxes.

I am liking the use of blue back light on Alex with a white or yellow key. Blue is a strong colour and casts nice silhouettes of Alex during performance, there is potential to add a second set of Arris for some dynamic colour changes, this leads options to introduce another colour to his set. I would like to add additional lights on the rig but I don’t think there are any more fresnels spare for this.

The back lights are effect, I just need to ensure they are both level and facing in the same direction for the best flare effect on the wides. Potentially if I angle them slightly in the future I could get a nice back light for close ups of his face.

In ‘Northern Lights’ the backlight is nice, as is the subtle white light on his guitar, however Alex himself is a little too dark. It may be the case of another light or widening the beam of the fresnel facing his guitar. The fact he uses his foot pedals a lot would be nice to illuminate the floor further, this will be dependent on the camera angles Dan (Director) chooses.

‘Red Letter Day’ shares similar points to the previous video. I still continue to fall in love with the prominent blue back lights, once again the case of illuminating Alex further. There is potential to play on the white light further into a warming CTO or gold. The more I think about it I can look at introducing this colour in future as an experiment, along with further lamps to better illuminate Alex. It is the case of playing off the blue backlights when considering the palette.

I think the lighting for Alex is very nearly there. I am extremely happy with how the style is looking, it is now the case of tinkering with the key light slightly for increased illumination and potential better contrast between the back and key lights.


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