Cottage Garden Recce

Unfortunately this location really isn’t suitable as a filming location. At this late point in the schedule I really wanted it to work, but the more I think about it the more it will be troublesome logistically. The route to the house in Compton Dando is troublesome and on our way we struggled getting down some of the country lanes. Asking cast or crew to be driving late hours where its dark and icy in unfamiliar territories is not a good idea.


Spencer and Viv were really accommodating and the cottage itself was beautiful. There was potential storage in a garage for equipment, therefore allowing more space for crew in the house. The fact I need to factor in the storage space is a clear demonstration of how small the space is. Nobody really had a great feel for using the location.


I appreciate Spencer and Viv giving up their time to show us around, but the search must continue. Also for the higher end of our budget (£500) it really isn’t worth compromising. I contacted Viv a few hours after the recce to inform them we aren’t interested in the location.




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