Drivers List & Schedule Update

Liz and Helen were able to confirm the split of days they are working during the rest of the shooting process. As a result I have been able to finalise the unit schedule. The few amendments have been to accommodate for chaperone duty with the child actors, amongst a variety of minor issues (i.e. better days for publicity, more crew transport needed, etc). Leading off from this I felt it was worth calculating the transport for all the cast and crew each day, despite only reimbursing those transporting cast or equipment.

The reason for this document was the worry of crew arranging their own transport and forgetting something, one person left behind could ultimately cost an entire half days shoot due to the distance of travel between locations. The idea with this document is to share the cast transport duties and try to give some drivers a rest for always driving. I have tried to give Harry (Unit Manager) some rest of kit transport, unfortunately I could offer few dates as logistically his van is a huge benefit for loading equipment, as a result he doesn’t transport cast or crew often.

I have run this list by Harry (Unit Manger), Rashida (1st AD), Joe (Cam Op/Gaffer) and Liz (Set Design). All the queries were quickly ironed out and everyone is happy with the arrangements.

You lucky people are the ones on WOTW who drive a vehicle! I’ve gone through the entire shoot and calculated who needs to drive who, trying to give people a break from driving every time they are on a shoot, and also driving actors. I feel this works best logistically. Can you all read the file and let me know if it all sounds good, thanks!
I should also add cars reimbursed for travel will be those driving actors or any assigned as the main kit car only (not secondary)
I have now sent the following transport list along with the updated schedule to all of the crew.
Screen Shot 2015-01-23 at 23.47.15
Screen Shot 2015-01-23 at 23.42.36
Logistically this shoot has been challenging as we are being very ambitious with locations, equipment, and in general the scale of the production. I feel like I have been executing my job extremely well, responding quickly to any concerns and addressing any issues immediately. Another recent example when Adam (Beatrice’s dad [Casey]) had a problem with the call times this weekend and needed them switched. As a result I calculated that the morning shoot at the lake could be moved from Saturday to Sunday, making Saturday shorter, but a later start time, and at the same time increasing the call time for Sunday. Rashida had no concerns with the swap, neither Dan or Nathan; I went on to contact all the other actors who were happy before authorising the last minute change in schedule.
The shoot is working to schedule, everyone is putting in a great amount of work. As a producer I have been fulfilling all of my duties and am appreciating having a designated 1st AD and Unit Manager to assist in the workflow due to the scale of the project. I am looking forward to seeing the next instalment of footage.

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