BBC Bristol

The BBC is one of the most prestigious names in British broadcasting, they are highly regarded around the world for high quality programming. I always see the BBC as one of few places you can get a long term job (debating the term ‘job for life’) with thanks to their team ensuring employees are ready to jump on board with another project once their contract runs out on the current production. I have had the opportunity to work with BBC Bristol in the past and loved the entire experiment, thankfully I have also gained a few contacts in the company so they could potentially prove extremely useful.

The problem I have found with BBC Bristol is the difficulty in dealing with them directly to find out information on jobs and experience opportunities. The majority of the information can be found online through the BBC website ( which houses a search engine for jobs across the country with the company.


Having researched into potential roles at the BBC I have discovered a profile service that the recruitment team uses called ‘BBC Careers Hub’.  The careers profile is similar to an online CV or LinkedIn profile, it includes details of my skills, experiences, work history and contact details. I will be composing a profile on the hub to keep me in the loop with opportunities, also if I wish to contact the BBC about potential jobs it will demonstrate the enthusiastic and active approach I already have for gaining employment or experience with them.

Some notable programmes produced from BBC Bristol include Antiques Roadshow, Countryfile, The Food Programme, Flog It!, along with Points West and the famous National History Unit (e.g. Springwatch).

I currently have a friend who works as a runner with the BBC on ‘DIY SOS’ and he has told me what it is like to work on contracted work. There are few members of the crew who remain the same, they are often hiring for shoots from freelancers within the company. Once again it comes back to getting known and securing your first contract, once you have that I am firmly under the impression the BBC help you to find newer contracts within the company to keep work rolling in.

A lot of the roles currently advertised for Bristol and the surrounding areas are research and producer based activities. As this is the BBC it is something I would still be interested in as it could act as my way into further production roles or I may even discover a love for it. I know BBC Bristol would be a great job, from previous work (e.g. Digital Bristol Week 2013) I know it’s a great environment that I would want to be part of.

BBC Careers Hub

Screen shot 2014-05-01 at 19.21.28

The BBC Careers Hub gives you an option to create a profile from scratch or use your social media account to speed up the process. As I have an existed professional account in the formed of LinkedIn (whereas Facebook is more personal) this seems like the obvious option when registering for the career service from BBC. This uses the information from your profile to start filling out the required information for your BBC profile.

The information stored on the Career Hub is almost identical to LinkedIn, so most of this was easily transferable. There are still areas that need tweaking, but for now I have added an online presence for the BBC.

Screen shot 2014-05-01 at 19.46.53


Part of me feels like the weight of the name ‘BBC’ is a great asset for a CV and experience, but whether it is the best career path is another question. At this moment in time it is worth keeping my ears open as much as possible, you never know what opportunities can arise, hopefully SharpShotz can be one of them.



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