Elections Cancelled

Hey – hope all is well!

After much discussion, we’ve decided as a Directive Team to withdraw our live coverage of UWESU Elections 2015. We’ve consequently taken to making this decision as we feel that our live coverage and the things we plan to do with Varsity Series 2015 is demanding more of our time and efforts than we originally thought out and we would much rather place our focus and effort towards one goal than crossing over and creating an incredibly messy output at the expense of our own reputation and that of UWE Students’ Union and University of Bristol Students’ Union.

Personally, I’m writing this with mixed feelings. On one side, I’m rather sad because I have put months of effort and preparation into UWESU Elections 2015 as the Exec Producer.

But we’ve thought things out and we’re excited to put all of our effort and cause into a sporting series that represents so many students here in Bristol with the potential to excite thousands of students.

Nothing other than this has changed. Our original plans for the Varsity Series are still afoot! All rehearsal dates are still the same. We still want to operate with the same crew, bringing over the talented presenters that had already auditioned for Elections to the Varsity Project. The scope of this Varsity Project is massive and we have the potential to appeal to a large audience and submit a solid entry into national media awards put on across the country.

Let’s make the Varsity Series in Bristol matter!

Please standby – we will be in touch you further over the next few days.


Minty, Michal, Fi, Alex and Gareth

I have mixed feelings on this news, having discussed it with Minty prior to him releasing this statement. Part of me is relieved as it was such a huge difficulty for lighting for the elections, but the other part is disappointed I never truly got to take on the challenge. I think the decision Minty has made is the right one, and I think the best interests of the filmmaking 3rd year students comes before anyone else’s feelings. We are the ones whose degree this counts as, other people have volunteered so the impact isn’t as great on them, only disappointment to have the opportunity taken away.

I had some great ideas for the elections live, and it was the case of trying to execute them as the next step. With restrictions on access and use of the lighting rig it would have proven difficult to get sufficient practice in with the gear so that I was confident with it ready for the live event. Also the venue proved difficult to implement the design and set construction into the available space. Upon reflection I am happy with the ideas and developments I made, it would have been nice to have attempted them to access how successful they would have proved.

Nevertheless I am extremely excited for Varsity and share the view that we now have the opportunity to make it even bigger and better. I am already thinking how I can improve the lighting, my instant thought is finding more ways for practical lighting as I cannot really break away from generic studio lighting for the genre of broadcast.

I will work on the Varsity lighting design further now as I can focus all of my efforts on this branding. I am generally happy with the original idea for the set build, but anticipate this developing due to the shift in project focus. I’ll give it a little bit of time then approach Lewys (Set Design) to start developing the lighting further as I am certain he will need a little time to expand upon the previous Varsity set now he has more time and money to put into the event.


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