Ragwood Cottage Confirmation


Harry and Rashida visited Ragwood Cottage today to check if it will work for the film and thankfully it does the job perfectly! Harry took a short video to show all the crew who were happy with the property, having seen it myself it will work great. The price and location are huge bonuses!



I have spoken to Ali and confirmed our booking of the cottage. She is very accommodating to our filming and is happy to help out, without any real concerns for the project. We will be picking up the key Thursday 29th January 2pm, we plan to be checked out by 9am on Tuesday 3rd February so that people can be back in Bristol in time for jobs. I am extremely pleased the house has worked out, and priced at £250 is a real help with our tight budget. I will be sending the money first thing tomorrow morning.

Screen Shot 2015-01-25 at 23.46.07


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