Driving Schedules & Accommodation

With all the locations and call times pretty much set in stone Rashida and I sat down to figure out all the travelling arrangements. I had previous created a driving list, however changes to locations and scenes/times made it vital we planned it again. Outlining precise pickup times and locations should hopefully ensure everyone makes it to each filming location in time. We are on a tight schedule so it is vital everyone reads this document.

From the notes with Rashida I had to make the following crew changes:

  • Thursday – No Joshua
  • Thursday Night – Helen on shoot
  • Friday Day – Harry on shoot
  • Friday/Saturday – Kurt to stay central for early pickup
  • Sunday – Joshua instead of Sam

WOTW Final Transport

I ran all of the dates by the parents of each actress, along with getting permission for Beatrice and Lizi to stay in the house we are filming in. As they are under 18 I will be having one female member of crew staying each night to supervise. Liz will be staying Thursday with Beatrice. Helen will be staying Friday with Beatrice and Lizi. Helen and Rashida will be staying Saturday with Beatrice and Lizi. Each actor will be on the following travelling schedules:

Beatrice (Casey)
Wed 28th – 10am (Arrive Bristol) – 7.30pm (Leave Bristol)
Thur 29th – 6.15pm (Arrive Bristol)
Sat 31st – 1pm (Leave Bristol) – 11.30pm (Arrive Bristol)
Sun 1st – 10pm (Leave Bristol)
Mon 2nd – 6.15pm (Arrive Bristol) – 10.30pm (Leave Bristol)

Lizi (Amber)
Fri 30th – 9.30am (Arrive Bristol)
Sun 1st – 9.30pm (Leave Bristol)

Olivia (Elly) – Notes for Adele
Fri 30th – 4pm (Arrive Ragwood) – 9pm (Pickup Ragwood)
Sat 31st – 8.30am (Arrive Ashton Court) – 7pm (Pickup Ragwood)
Sun 1st – 7.30am (Arrive Stockhill Woods) – 7pm (Pickup Ragwood)

Thomas (Kramer)
Fri 30th – 2.30pm (Pickup Templemeads) – 10pm (Drop off)
Sat 31st – 3pm (Pickup Ashton Court) – 8pm (Drop off)
Sun 1st – 6pm (Pickup Templemeads) – 10pm (Drop off)
Mon 2nd – 6.15pm (Pickup Templemeads) – 10.30pm (Drop off)

Thankfully we have managed to work the schedule to accommodate for all of the actors and ensure everyone involved with the project is getting to and from locations on time. All of the actors and parents are really flexible with our schedule and able to figure it out to suit everyone. It’s nice to hear back how much they are all enjoying the experience, the fact they are makes it even more worthwhile. It also keeps a better working relationship when I make amendments to the schedule.


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