US Working Visas

The working visa process is still confusing to me, with so many types available I can’t get my head around the exact requirements. Having looking into various types I am still under the impression how extremely difficult it can be to get a long term working visa in the USA.

The most common method for living and working abroad seems to be sponsor from an American company. This was the case for my short term working visa with Timber Lake Camp as they supported along with Wildpacks. Visa applications and approval take a long period of time, being from the UK makes it even more difficult. The obstacle I will always face is whether the company want to sponsor me to come and work for them, or whether they source labour from their own country. Personally if I were in there position I would go for the easier option and choose the next best applicant who is readily available.

From all of my reading this ‘at a glance’ summary table is the easiest method of conveying the basic requirements needed in order to even qualify for a long term working visa.

Screen Shot 2015-05-08 at 13.13.13

It seems in order to even start qualifying for a long term visa I need to demonstrate professional knowledge and expertise. At this stage in my career that is near impossible, I simply don’t have the life experience and professional employment history to cater for their strict immigration policies. The fact I hold a degree can play in my favour, suggesting a third preference worker, still an off chance.

I haven’t gone much deeper into the visa process after this real eye opener of a research experience. I think I may have been going into this job hunt a little naive. I’m still interested in the states but getting there right now could prove difficult, I really need to think of my professional career path first and foremost, once this starts to form I can then think about how I can market myself across waters. I may be able to find some particular circumstance that can help my cause, but the majority of evidence suggest I will be fighting a losing battle at this stage in my life trying to get over to America for long term employment.

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