Ashton Court Shoot & Schedule Changes

Today I took the opportunity to come down on set (as I will be for the last few days) to ensure all of the shoot is wrapped up nicely. I was more of a floating body able to help where needed, for example today I found myself tinkering with the bikes so each actress was comfortable riding them. Despite the cold weather everything went to plan and as a result we managed to finished earlier than expected (1pm instead of 3pm).


I was made aware of some issues with the shoot yesterday as one of the props was forgotten meaning everything was held up by four hours. As a result I have had to work the schedule for tomorrow so we have all three sisters and Kramer to pick up these shots. It means tomorrows schedule is going to be tight as we are continuing to squeeze in shots as we have no other shooting dates available. Monday night remains the same, but the schedule for Sunday is now the following.

5.30am – Crew leave Bristol for Stockhill woods (Harry with Nathan, Dan and Josh; Joe with Jordan, Jesse and Mike).
7.00am – Cast leave Ragwood for Stockhill woods (Rashida with Beatrice, Lizi and Helen; Olivia with parents).
7.30am – Pickup shots in the woods.
10.30am – Wrap in Stockhill woods.
11.00am – Setup in Ragwood Cottage. Film bikes riding up to cottage.
11.30am – Filming inside Ragwood Cottage with three sisters.
1.00pm – Harry and Josh leave set with bikes.
4.15pm – Joe takes back Jesse and picks up Tom (5pm).
5.45pm – Joe and Tom arrive on set and build into filming schedule to continue with shots and pickup Friday. Also film with Beatrice and Tom ready for Monday night if possible.
8.45pm – Wrapped. Rashida leave with Beatrice, Lizi, Tom and Helen.
9.00pm – Joe, Jordan, Dan, Nathan, Mike staying at house overnight. Can block scene ready for Monday night, along with getting any pickups around the building.

Looking across to Monday Joe, Jordan, Dan, Nathan and Mike can work in the house during the day. Harry will leave Bristol at 11am with Kurt, Jesse and Josh heading to the cottage. Rashida will leave Bristol at 5.30pm with Helen and Sam. Liz with leave Bristol at 6.15pm with Beatrice and Tom – confirmation needed but Rashida on standby. Actors will be wrapped and leaving at 9.30pm with Liz, whilst the rest of the crew will pack down and leave once completed.

These last few dates are running very tightly, but unfortunately due to so many silly mistakes on set we are now faced with this circumstance. All I can do is continue to work the schedule to accommodate for these issues, but at the end of the day they shouldn’t be happening in the first place. We put measures in place to reduce this by creating lists for each department, even with that it hasn’t been effective. I really don’t know what else to do without physically doing other peoples jobs. I will be around both days to ensure filming goes as smoothly as possible, part of me worries but I know when the pressure is on the team will deliver, they have to.


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