That’s A Wrap

Filming has now officially completed! It’s been a long process and everyone should be extremely proud of what they achieved. Whilst I wasn’t always on set I found myself purely focused on managing production throughout the past few weeks, dealing with schedules, organisation and finances on a daily basis.

Personally the entire production has proved extremely stressful and difficult logistically considering the range of locations, actors and crew. Persevering with this project to ensure its completion to schedule and budget is a great feeling. There are loads of fine tune details regarding production, but at the end of the day its been completed in the allotted time with the designated budget, so I feel I fulfilled my role perfectly. No major issues to report currently, it’s just the case of tying up loose ends (e.g. reimbursement, release forms) as preparation starts for post-production.

Everyone has done a fantastic job, I know its been a long haul, but everyone pulled through with determination and pride in their work! Fantastic!


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