Schedule & Budget Update

Financing and scheduling the film proved successful, we have managed to shoot the project within the set filming block and still have finances left over. Admittedly there is still money to reimburse cast and crew with, but after this there should be some leftover for any post-production costs or release fees.

Throughout production I had to constantly review and adapt the schedule on a daily basis. This being the case I’m extremely grateful to have Rashida as 1st AD on the project, it meant I could solely focus on pulling together all of the production elements whilst she could monitor activities on set. I really could not see myself pulling off the organisation for this project without her to undertake responsibilities such as call sheets and on set etiquette.

Keeping constant communication with all contributors meant I could act fast on schedules. For example when a shoot had to cut early due to weather it meant the next day I could adjust the schedule and hire a generator again for the pickup shots. As a result it meant at times the schedule was extremely tight so logistics became a nightmare, having to balance actor availability with distance between shooting locations (e.g. 45minutes between Ragwood Cottage and Bristol Temple Meads). Constantly reviewing the schedule meant Rashida and I could assemble driving schedules to help logistics run smoother, also helping to reduce travel costs in the budget.

I think there was a huge element of luck with the weather as we never really faced anything bad enough to cancel shoots. The ambitious nature of the production made it difficult to accommodate a contingency plan within the allotted filming block. Then again I was constantly juggling dates and scenes to best fit what had been filmed and what needed to be shot. At times I probably made it difficulty for everyone creatively, but unfortunately I had to implement the restricted time scale for the production we were trying to shoot.

The budget is another element I was always having to review. There was never any clear spending idea, the fact we raised more than our intended funds was a huge blessing. At first spending wasn’t monitored well so when I calculated projected expenditures I acted fast in making amendments to spending in order to keep the project on track (e.g. driving schedule). The core element of getting as much money on screen as possible remained the case throughout production.

Looking ahead to post-production everything is still on track for final delivery May 4th. With a smaller post-production team it should be much easier to communicate, with the ability to amend schedules as appropriate. I have a slight concern as I will be stepping back that the schedule may break down, a major element being the fact most other university productions will be taking place that could distract. Often post-production is the forgotten art in student productions, I hope this isn’t the case. I will do my best to ensure everything is on track, adapting wherever possible so all parties involved are happy with the workflow.

There should be enough budget remaining to give a small portion towards the transmedia element. I’m not certain what the deal is with this part as I’m purely involved with the film, but I can speak to Rashida regarding financing. The remaining funds will go towards fulfilling kickstarter rewards and marketing/releasing.


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