Amy Winehouse – Monkey Man

Continuing my influence from ‘Later With Jools Holland’ I came across a performance of Monkey Man by Amy Winehouse. Whilst she doesn’t demonstrate the same energy as Imprints the song itself is commonly associated with the ska genre and energetic performance to match its bouncy rhythm.

This performance runs at a slowly tempo than the versions I’m used to (mostly ska, e.g. Reel Big Fish). An overall pink wash floods the majority of the staging area with blue moving fixtures cutting in and out of the wash. Its opposite position in the colour wheel compliments the red/pink tones well. Amy Winehouse is lit with warmer and cleaner light so she stands out compared to everything else happening on stage, a very simple and effect method for drawing attention to the singer.

Comparing this to her performance from ‘I Told You I Was Trouble’ the set design establishes a lounge and chilled mise-en-scene. The warm tones build upon this further as the light remains in a red/orange wash with moving yellow fixtures slowly cutting through to the music. During the instrumental breakdown more colours are introduced into the palette.

Towards the end of this performance is my favourite element to the lighting as yellow and white lamps flash periodically over the overall red/orange wash on stage. This version of the song further supports the use of orange in the Imprints colour palette.


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