Arri M18

The Arri M18 is the HMI lamp Russ said he can include in the quote I created with him regarding filming at Bottleyard Studios. I’ve had little experience with HMI lamps, however I understand their importance on film sets and the sheer amount of power they can pump. For this reason I wanted to secure some form of HMI to help illuminate the location further, as Russ knows the venue I’m certain this lamp will do the job perfectly.

HMI lights run 2 to 5 times as efficient as incandescents, meaning they use less power and run cooler. With a temperature around 5600K they make daylight shooting easier by removing light loss through gels, proving popular with DPs and filmmakers alike.

The M18 boasts a smaller head featuring a new 1800W lamp with 70% higher light output. This smaller head allows it to fit onto a frame that can support up to 90 degrees of rotation, not a common feature for a HMI lamp. The reflector design of lamp achieves this 70% better output as it enhances the light through added ridges, accompanied with 20 – 60 degrees beam variation. Arri places this with its lens-less MAX technology. The 1800W/1200W power consumption only requires a voltage range between 100V – 140V, this made the M18 the brightest HMI you could plug in the wall at the time of its release (2010).


Reviews on the product are mostly positive, it produces good quality light and its simple design makes it easy to use. Having read through comments and operation instructions I definitely feel much more confident approaching the shoot and getting my hands on £5,000 worth of lamp. I really excited to be operating with such a vast amount of lamps, I’m certain this experience will be a vital learning curve in progression into lighting.


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