Filmscape Lighting Quote

After multiple back and forth conversations with Filmscape, Panalux and 180 I have decided to go ahead with Filmscape lighting. Panalux were too expensive, and 180 became difficult to get a set figure and date from. When I first spoke to Russ Greening I instantly felt it was the best option, and thankfully I was right.

As arranged he will be providing the following equipment:

  • 125 – 3 phase > 63amp 3 phase jumper
  • 63 amp 3 phase > 3x 63amp single phase distro box
  • 400ft 63amp cable
  • 63amp y cord
  • 2x 63 > 2x 32/ 4x 16amp breakouts
  • 600ft 16amp
  • Jumpers
  • ARRI M18 Lamp

Russ has agreed to rig all the equipment ready for our use, then we will leave it as we found it following the completion of the shoot. I have spoken to him over the phone following the completion of the invoice and expect to bump into him on our rigging day (Friday 6th).

Company Rental Form
Invoice INV-11795

I am really eager to get down to the location and test the lighting. In theory it should work perfectly, but the rigging day will be our first chance to truly try it as we haven’t had power in the studio until Filmscape have provided it.


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