Production Meeting 5/2

Following a long delay in contact Sam and Kurt called a production meeting to keep everyone in the loop. It sounds like the project is progressing really well and almost ready for the production period. A nice addition is the fact two of the main actors I have worked with before, Ian Hoyle (Jack) on Alcoholic Chocolate in my first year, and Chris Foster (Roy – TBC) on Crossroads in my second year.

I have confirmed all of my equipment for the filming dates. I will be collecting on Monday 16th February 09:30 – Monday 23rd February 09:30. Then again Monday 2nd March 09:30 – Thursday 5th March 12:00. The equipment is the following:

  • 2KW Arri Blonde (x1)
  • Dedo-Lite Kit (x1)
  • KinoFlo Diva-Lite (x2)
  • LED Panel (x4)
  • Lighting Gel Kit (x1)
  • Lastolite Reflector (x4)
  • 100m Extension Cable (x2)

Currently we are not filming on RED, however it is possible to work the schedule around its availability. Sam will be confirm precise call times in the coming weeks. A positive note is Sam has told me where we are filming we are friends with nearby residents so we can source power for lights, so the 100meter cord will definitely prove useful. Also we are shooting some sequences in the studio at Bower so I will need to make considerations. Most of this will come up when constructing the shot lists with Jack.


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