Tools Of The Trade

Previously I investigated some tools of the trade when working as a gaffer. The idea was to purchase appropriate items that can benefit by role on set now, and hopefully still prove useful as I approach my career. I researched once again into the roles of ‘Gaffer’ and ‘Lighting Technician’ to build my own personal idea of a toolkit.

Starting off with a robust pair of work trousers provides plenty of pockets and hooks for all of the equipment. General assumption would be a variety of tools such as screwdrivers, wrenches, knives, etc – most of this is covered by my multitool. Next would be a variety of tapes, suggested being camera, electrical, gaffer and duct. It is almost a combination of film gear and basic electrician items.

I was able to pull together almost all of the items at a relevatively cheap cost. Something like the ‘Gaffer Glass’ would be a really useful tool to have available, but for £50 upwards I can’t justify the purchase where a pair of sunglasses could suffice for the meantime.

With all of my collecting so far I feel I have a strong range of kit that will be extremely useful throughout my lighting role in all of my future productions – Bristol Vibes, UWE Vs UOB Varsity 2015, Lost In A Supermarket, and Postal Service. My current tool kit includes:

  • Workwear trousers
  • Steel toecap boots
  • Thick leather gloves
  • Insulated gloves
  • Duct Tape
  • Electrical Tape
  • Tape Measure
  • C-Wrench
  • Hammer
  • Multihead Screwdriver
  • Multitool Allen Keys
  • Leatherman Multitool
  • Bulldog Clips
  • Voltage Tester
  • Battery/Fuse Tester
  • Cable Ties
  • Gel Cutter
  • Head Torch
  • LED Torch
  • Permanent Marker
  • Pencil


The possibilities of equipment choices are endless as you can start to acquire a variety of screws, nuts, etc. Collecting medial items could prove useful at some point, I feel like its one of those roles like a set designer where you could continue to endlessly collect items. The article on iPhone apps made me think of how I can utilise my device for certain jobs. I have already used it as a spirit level and light meter in the past, it will be interesting to see how I can make more of my iPhone.

Suggested Tools



One thought on “Tools Of The Trade

  1. Great post! I’m very glad my posts about tools were helpful to you. I’m hoping to update all those posts very soon and go in to much more depth. A couple of solid pairs of work pants are really important and I never thought to talk about that in any of my posts.

    Now don’t forget to label your stuff so it doesn’t get pocketed by someone next time you’re on set!

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