Showtec Lite-8 Pro

The Showtec Lite-8 Pro is the lighting console used by The Exchange. As this will end up being our venue for the live DJ event I felt it was worth reading up on the kit online. Whilst the lamps and DMX inputs remain consistent between venues the operation of these fixtures can cause variation, this being the console. Surprisingly I couldn’t find much information on the desk, the only sites to talk about it beyond the manual were all foreign language suggesting it isn’t prominent in England or the US.

The console features 8 dimming controls, 1 master, 4 switch and a controllable AUX channel. The 13 channel controller also allows you to store 16 pre-programmed memories that can be brought up through button functions or mixed into sequences. The sequences themselves feature some existing programs such as flashing, stepping and pulsing.

Screen Shot 2015-05-14 at 01.56.18

The manual provides simple instructions for a range of tasks a typical user will require (e.g. edit chases, program memories). There isn’t much more to report on the desk, right now all I can do is read the manual prior to using the venue and make sense of it all. It’s difficult to firmly know what functions I will need without visiting the venue again and accessing how the rig is constructed. The amount of lights, variation in colour and channels can make a huge difference in the way I need to program the kit.

I predict adopting a relatively simple and methodical programming method, as I recall the rig at The Exchange was fairly basic. I may look at pairing up colours in the same channel so I can easily flash or pulse between two. This is a simple desk so I feel operating it shouldn’t be too difficult, I’ll read the manual and judge its performance when I get to the venue and see how its patched into the DMX channels.


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