John Podpadec Feedback

Seeing as John had to supervise our shoot due to the nature of the studio arrangements I saw it as a great opportunity to get some feedback on my work as a gaffer from an industry professional. I met with John after the shoot to talk through how it went, I’ve paraphrased his general feedback to me as a practitioner.

Did really well, sure it will come out really nice. When lighting faces be cautious of shadows, especially in close ups. It wasn’t an issue due to so many soft boxes, but need to consider it in the future – i.e. stronger key light. Cable management was well kept – aisles you could and couldn’t walk down, with that many cables it can become an issue. Cable manage where there is traffic.

John was pleased with the way I worked and had almost nothing negative to comment. Most of the talking points were evaluating how to take on the knowledge learnt from this shoot onto future projects. It means a lot to get such positive feedback from an industry professional, and further highlights the success of this shoot. I just hope all of our efforts behind the camera translate well across to the screen in post-production.


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