Mobile Access Towers

Currently I am debating bringing in some form of platform to seat my lighting desk on the studio floor. Now I am set on the idea of being on the floor so I can mix lighting as live I need to make consideration for the audience that are on the floor. Being situated at the back of the room it could be difficult to see the stage amongst all the public stood watching. Whether I opt for this or not it is worth researching and suggesting to Beth (Producer) or Claudia (Producer).

During my employment with North Somerset Council I was trained on the construction and use of mobile access towers. These are structures manufactured from prefabricated components acting as a form of portable scaffolding. I think this would be the best option in order to gain the extra height I need in order to see over the audience. I’ve already asked around the university campus and unfortunately there is no equipment like this available as contractors will bring in their own gear. Having spoken to the media centre they agree hiring in this kit would be my best option.

Buying a mobile access tower is unnecessary, I’m interested in hiring costs for the Bristol area so I can suggest this and see if the budget can accommodate.

South West Tower Hire

Based in Bristol they specialise in supplying mobile access solutions to the public and trade. Offering a range of styles and sizes they can find a suitable tower for specific needs. Every hire is subject to a maximum £100 deposit with proof of ID and training required upon hire. They can deliver to the university for free as its within 12 miles of BS15 4NY.

Screen Shot 2015-05-14 at 01.05.20

I estimate needing a platform around 4ft x 3ft to accommodate for all of the lighting console, equipment and myself. Judging by these measurements I will need a ‘Narrow Span Width Tower’ starting from £45 a day, and if we opted to have it for the entire week of rehearsals and broadcast it will come it at £75.

Brandon Tool Hire

Whilst this company offers another range of tower types I am not too concerned with the variation as all come in at a higher cost than South West Tower Hire.


This company offers a wider variation of mobile access towers as you can hire in relation to the height you are going to. A single width alloy tower (2m x 0.72m x 1.88m) comes in around the same price as South West Tower Hire. Despite a similar price I would be inclined to opt for another company as the large nature of the company suggests a less personal experience, potentially less assistance in building the exact quote we need.

Screen Shot 2015-05-14 at 01.10.38

HSS Hire

Prices start from around £100 a day, exceeding the budget excessively.

Final Quote

I’ve since contacted South West Tower Hire and they have confirmed the price listed on their website. I can take the daily and weekly hire figures to Beth and Claudia to get their verdict. Either it can be considered in order for me to see over the audience or the drain on the budget will persuade them to reconsider the floor plan so I am able to clearly see both acts. As far as I’m aware either scenario is a positive concerning lighting.


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