BBC Pre-Production

The final three teams continued their pre-production phase today at the BBC. I was stationed with the same team building upon their social media idea. Paired up with an animator and another filmmaker first we finalised the animation concept. The animator is still toying between 2D and CGI, but is happy to create the suggested idea. We have decided on the exact characters the shapeshifter will turn into, opting for a range of gender and ages to suggest everyone could be a potential danger. We opted away from stereotypes to further support this ideology.

The documentary idea was already strong from last time. We fine tuned precise filming schedules and locations, along with introducing the resolution of the film. At the end the protagonist will then change their privacy settings, shown through the animated screen and acts out in the real world with private discussions about photos.

We are aiming to film at College Green on Friday 13th March. The proposed kit is list is:

  • Sony FS700
  • Steadicam (operated by myself)
  • ProMic Kit – Boom for interviews, lapel for staged elements
  • Boom Pole
  • Tripod
  • Shoulder Mount

All of this equipment has been booked under my name. The pupils will receive training around March 12th. This will be the next date we will all meet, the teachers have all of our contact details so we can make casual arrangements ready for the BBC editing day on April 14th. I anticipate needing a few props – sign with personal details, post-it notes, photos, identical clothing, extras – but all can be discussed on our next meeting.

I am really looking forward to getting into production with this film. It is a really fun project and should be even more fun to film judging by our concept. I hope I can continue to pass on my filmmaking skills to these pupils, especially as I start delving into my specialist fields.


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