Duet – Rescheduled

Unfortunately we couldn’t synch up our schedules for the postponed schedule in January. As a result Matt chose to drop me and Jordan from the project. It’s a real shame and slightly unprofessional the fact he has been accommodating for everyone else’s schedules but as soon as we have an issue with the date he decides to remove us rather than accommodate. Jordan and I were both scheduled to shoot for ‘The World Of The Willows’ which took priority over this work experience opportunity. Admittedly I am not aware of the exact circumstances so I cannot make a fair verdict.

However Matt recently contacted me again asking if I was still interested in Camera Assisting for the film. This makes me assume the shoot never happened in January, it seems due to various logistical issues filming has been pushed back until Tuesday 17th February.

It is great that this shooting opportunity has arises again. I was excited for the film and really disheartened when production was pushed back so that I could no longer collaborate on the project. Admittedly it isn’t a huge role and strictly relevant to my career craft of lighting, but nevertheless it is a good day’s experience and another credit to have under my belt.

Tuesday 17th February is filming for all of the hotel scenes, the house scenes will be shot on a separate day that is yet to be confirmed. I had a brief email chain with the Director/DP of the project discussing equipment availability, but the vague nature of what we are actually filming has made me reluctant to provide any university equipment. There is plenty of kit already on the shoot so it isn’t a necessity I provide some. Nevertheless I shall be bringing all of my gaffer gear to help the DP as best as possible, hopefully being able to continue to build upon my lighting skills over camera assisting.


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