Filmscape Lighting

I recently had the opportunity to get in conversation with Russ Greening from Filmscape Lighting when arranging power distribution for lighting as part of my role on ‘Lost In A Supermarket’. I wasn’t aware of this company until visiting Bottleyard Studios as we were filming in SkyOne’s ‘Trollied’ supermarket studio. Fiona from the studio was able to put me through to two companies who could help in regards to sourcing power for the studio. I ended up opting for Russ from Filmscape as he had experience with the studio so knew the exact power requirements.

Following completion of the project he sent me a courtesy email thanking for payment of services and confirming he had received all of the kit back without any problems. Having only met him briefly I saw this as a good opportunity to drop back another email and plug myself for future work. There aren’t necessarily jobs going with the company but it seems like a good idea to drop my interest whilst there is still a strong chain of communication between us.

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As this was a more casual approach to requesting work I have kept the covering email fairly brief. I’ve highlighted by experience and background, focusing all of it towards working with lighting and acting as a technician. Along with attaching my CV I’ve added a breakdown of how I lit the supermarket. Not only does this show him how his contribution help, but it also demonstrates my capability and competence in lighting.

Filmscape have branches in Bristol and London, marketing themselves with camera, lighting and studio hire facilities. Russ Greening is the rental manager in Bristol with over 16 years of production and post production experience. His professional profile has a slightly casual and comical approach on the companies website, this instantly changes my approach in my email as I haven’t treated it as a fully formal document, taking breaths to break this tone.


The bristol branch is the first outside of London, the reasoning behind its introduction is to “establish a base in Bristol from which to serve the West of England region and develop our lighting division”. This suggests the lighting department is relatively new to the company, potentially suggesting a need for talent to undertake their new investment? In addition they highlighted the Bottleyard Studios as a crucial driver in the production industry, so definitely a space to keep an eye on.

I’m not holding my hopes on anything as I’ve approached this out of the blue. Nevertheless I might as well take this opportunity whilst we are in conversation with one another. Worst case scenario he’ll at least have me on record for any future work.

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